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Seven Holiday Destinations You’ll Love for 2019

January and February is typically the time of year travel companies showcase their best deals and we’ve carefully selected 7 holiday destinations worth visiting in 2019.

1. Budapest

Hungary’s capital has a rich history, romantic skyline and vivid nightlife, all at an affordable price. Not only does the city make for a great adult break but also offers fantastic attractions for kids.


2. Japan

With Japan hosting the Rugby World Cup this year, there’s never been a better time to visit this legendary country. There are no places nearer home that will give you the same unique culture shock and wonder that cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka will.


3. San Antonio

Step away from the usual stateside hotspots like New York and Florida to instead take in this cool Texan city rich with southern charm. It’s a big place with a great local feel that’s close enough to the border to give you a dose of Mexican culture too. Fans of quirky history and amazing food need look nowhere else.


4. Serbia

This Balkan treasure chest is another perfect location if you’re sick of the same usual places. The countryside is beautiful by day, while the cities offer crazy boat parties and clubs by night. If you’re planning a road trip, this country is perfect for driving down long winding coastal roads.


5. Sicily

This charming Italian isle makes for unforgettable family holidays and romantic couples’ breaks alike. Take in the majesty of Mount Etna and marvel at the breath-taking views on the Mediterranean’s largest island.


6. Iceland

A trip to see the northern lights might be a Christmastime favourite, but instead take advantage of the summer’s super-long daylight hours to see all the spectacular sights on offer. One of the world’s most geologically active places is always sure to give a spectacle, while capital Reykjavik serves up trendy bars and exciting independent restaurants.


7. Cornwall

After 2018’s amazing summer of sun- you may be asking if you really need to even go abroad. For a cosy staycation, Cornwall has never lost its charm. Enjoy breathtaking views and delightful coastlines, perfect for the active family and beach lovers.

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