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Ways to have a Sustainable Summer

Enjoying the summer and being ecologically sound can be a tricky line to walk. Here are our tips on how to live your best life whilst looking after the planet.

Take Trips to Local Events and Landmarks

By travelling to places near your home, such as an exhibition at a local gallery, or a summer fete, you are reducing your usage of fuel and public transport. As a result of visiting local landmarks, you are making small changes to reduce your carbon footprint and reducing the environmental damage directly related to energy production and consumption. This includes air pollution, climate change, water pollution, thermal pollution, and solid waste disposal. The emission of air pollutants from fossil fuel combustion is the major cause of urban air pollution. Moreover, by exploring your local area and walking to your destination, you will save money on train tickets and petrol and feel the benefits financially, whilst making an environmental difference.

Avoid Disposable Cutlery, Cups and Plates

Do you love a picnic on the beach or at the park with friends? Instead of buying paper plates or cups, bring your own from home! By taking reusable utensils, we can reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, it helps cut down on waste and natural resource consumption.

Shopping Second Hand

Do you like to have a summer wardrobe refresh for the warmer months? Rather than shopping at fast fashion stores, shop sustainably at local charity shops, vintage stores, markets and car boot sales. The production of cotton clothes consumes a lot of water and energy. When you buy and sell second hand clothes, shoes, bags, and other items, you reduce the demand for new items therefore reducing the pressure on manufacturers to produce these items in large quantities.

Furthermore, when you shop locally for second-hand pieces, you support local businesses, therefore reducing emissions created from shipping and traveling to cities and big shopping centres. Purchasing local is almost always better for the environment.

Reusable Shopping Bags

From their production to their lack of recyclability, to their tendency to end up in landfills - and the many years they take to decompose - plastic bags hold a lot of problems when it comes to the environment. Also, by bringing your own bags you are saving money each time you shop. Moreover, reusable bags hold a lot more strength and durability. You’re a lot less likely to deal with bags ripping and having that embarrassing moment with items flying everywhere with a reusable bag than a plastic or paper bag from a retailer.

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