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Update on our Sustainability Journey

We have been working hard on building a sustainability project group and getting a Green Mark certification. Take a look at what we’ve been doing

We began our sustainability journey in early 2020, creating a sustainability project group whose purpose was to seek out ways to help Parliament Hill cultivate a sustainable way of working and achieving a sustainability accreditation. This project group undertook a number of projects since its creation. The first action which the sustainability project group did after its creation was to survey all Parliament Hill staff members in order to find out what sustainability meant to them. This meant that everyone at Parliament Hill was involved in creating our sustainability agenda.  After the survey, and paired with copious amounts of research, we formulated our three key pillars of sustainability:


  • We will provide a safe environment for our team, clients, members and brand partners to assist in reaching their own sustainability objectives.


  • Parliament Hill will do everything possible minimise the environmental impact for our clients, members and brand partners to ensure the future is not impacted by our actions


  • Analyse our costs to see where we can be more financially sustainable and that our investments and partnerships are aligned to meet our sustainability approach

Once we had developed this foundation, we knew there was a lot of work to carry out. Our next step was to survey our brand partners and our clients to understand what was important to them, and to gain an understanding of where we should focus our attention if possible. We received some really interesting feedback from these surveys and made the decision to continue them on an annual basis. We realised that sustainability is fast becoming an essential focus for not only Parliament Hill, but for all organisations.

In 2021 we honed in our desired sustainability certification, and began working on our Green Mark application. This saw the project group doing lots of industry research and creating new policies to be added into our Company Handbook. In particular, we saw the need to create a specific Working From Home/Sustainability policy which would help guide employees in making greener decisions whilst not in the office. With this concentrated effort we were able to achieve a Level 1 certification in July 2021 , which will help guide us in our journey to becoming a more sustainable organisation.

If you would like to read more about our journey and what we have achieved so far, then please click here .

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