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Parliament Hill at 20 - Highlights from our Staff

As we celebrate Parliament Hill’s twentieth anniversary, we asked staff, both past and present about their highlights during their time here.

What is your proudest moment working at Parliament Hill?

Launching the Health and Wellbeing hub during my internship in 2019 and developing it throughout the years to be a key element of our membership schemes. Being able to provide a tool to enable clients to support members wellbeing throughout the pandemic and beyond has been a highlight during my time at Parliament Hill.
Ellen (2019-2024)
Getting the company Green Mark certified three years in a row.
Aoife (2020-present)
Being a part of Parliament Hill’s sustainable journey has been so rewarding and is a great achievement for the company as a whole. As a member of the sustainability team, it means that we are able to work together and continue this exciting journey. We have been providing more sustainable content through our sustainability hub, group activities and have been bringing on more partners with positive sustainable ethics. Due to our work on this journey, we have achieved the Green Mark level 3, which has been such a proud moment.
Becky (2022- present)
Reaching my year anniversary! It was a huge leap for me coming to work with Parliament Hill. It was the first job for me with the same expectations and challenges as my job before I had my little girl. To be honest it was the best place of work I could have gotten into; it’s a job that makes you proud for what you do- especially when you get the best feedback from your clients.
Georgia (2022-present)
My proudest moment was being part of the process to secure one of the biggest (I think!) clients for PH where we not only managed their member benefits, but their membership card fulfilment etc (CSSC). From a team perspective, it was being part of a company that grew from 3 people when I joined, to (can't remember how many people worked there when I left!). Being part of the evolution of the structure of the company was great to be a part of, and hopefully, something I helped fuel. I was also proud to be part of the evolution of the working culture at PH. I was a big advocate for flexible working, and the first (I think) to be given access to WFH days, which helped hugely with my wellbeing. I believe that is now more widely accepted at PH.
Jamie (2010-2017)

What do you think makes Parliament Hill special?

The team members and working environment makes it special.
Amit (2014)
Definitely the people: fun, creative, hard-working, daft.
Andrew (2004-present)
I feel lucky that my first experience in a work place has been one where I feel genuinely cared for and safe. We are one big dysfunctional family and because of that we achieve our goals as a team.
Ellen (2019-2022)
You are encouraged to have fun you and still you give 100% to your job. Being treated as an individual and not just a number is key. Your opinion, your values matter. Simultaneously it’s important to have good, strong leadership at the helm as PH did/does.
Hayley (2017-2021)
The can-do attitude of the business and the tight knit culture – staff members have strong and supportive relationships with each other. Although we are small in terms of head count (13!), we achieve a great amount, managing over 90 client reward schemes and providing their members with the best-in-market discounts.
Jack (2021-present)
I think things like this usually mirror the leadership in a company. PH has always been a very relaxed place to work, despite being very busy. The environment that has been created between staff and leadership, from my perspective, has always been great. I have always felt well looked after and it’s not an environment I have found in any previous roles.
Josh (2017-present)

What is your fondest memory of working at Parliament Hill?

I felt supported by Parliament Hill throughout the pandemic as they extended support to overcome those scary periods. Later, when I was struggling in my personal life, the team were behind me to ensure I got through the toughest moments of my life!
Bala (2013)
I have a lot of fond memories at Parliament Hill, but my favourite times are always when competition is involved. Whether it’s a ‘friendly’ game of Dobble, a serious game of UNO or when we took it to another level and signed up to Tough Mudder. I will never forget the taste of the mud bath that me and Kyra endured together. Not only did the smell haunt me for months, it didn’t help that we did it on one of the hottest days of the year. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but was also one of the funniest days that I will never forget.
Becky (2022-present)
My fondest memories are when we come together and have fun. We work hard and play hard it’s that simple. We’ve enjoyed many social outings but my absolute highlight to date was this summer when we held our own sports day in Hyde Park. I can honestly say sunshine, a chilled drink or two plus being attached to a colleague in the three-legged race is a day I will never forget. It’s also fair to say there were many observers in Hyde Park that day who would have loved to join in if we had more kit and time.
Carol (2021-present)
The fun we had and the lasting friendships made.
Hayley (2017-2021)
Meeting Bala and Amit for the first time along with their families for our Christmas dinner in 2021 has to be my fondest memory.
Nish (2021-present)

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