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Let’s Start Talking

LifeSearch recently commissioned research to understand the scale of self medication in the UK; to see how and why people escape, and at what point(s) it leads to problems.

The answers were eye-opening.

  • It turns out that nearly half of Brits (45%) currently self-medicate their mental health, while 60% of us have done so in the past. At present, one in five of us rely on drugs and/or alcohol to cope. It's not a great picture.
  • Most say they self medicate either to feel more in-control, or because they cannot talk to anyone about their mental health or their situation. Although self medication is a human response to pressure, many say they take their behaviour to extremes.
  • The study also found that 38% of Brits use exercise to help maintain their mental wellbeing, but one in ten exercise to excess.
  • When it comes to talking about mental health in general, one in eight don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about it and only two in five talk to their partner about it.
  • Over a third of Brits (34%) self-medicate to get a sense of control over their mental health while 21% say they don’t have anyone to talk to about their issues.

The project is part of LifeSearch’s Let's Start Talking campaign, an ongoing deep-dive into attitudes and mental health in the UK. LifeSearch believes people are simply not having the kinds of open and honest conversations we need to have if we're to support and protect each other.

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