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How to switch off

In light of World Mental Health Day approaching this month, our Marketing Executive, Ellen asked our team: “What do you do to switch off?”

Switching off from our roles at work should be prioritized because we need time to clear our thoughts and feel carefree without stress. The importance of switching your mind and body off from work mode is key as it allows us to focus on the things that genuinely make us happy, such as hobbies, relaxation and time spent with loved ones. As well as feeling carefree and de-stressed, this provides us with an opportunity to recharge and refresh allowing us to reach our full potential and feel motivated. We reached out to the team to get their tips on how to switch off and here are their ideas.


To switch off I would definitely have to say a nice long bath, face mask, glass of wine and aNetflix series. After I LOVE new pj’s and fresh bedding so if those are available that would definitely top my relaxing/ switching off evening.”


“I bake!” (like Paul Hollywood)


“I have a few ways.. If it’s been a day that has left my frustrated, I go to the gym both regular and boxing. If I need distracting and need to calm nerves, very random but going out on my skateboard or doing some drawing helps! Also, guided meditations really help sometimes! I feel like this is a little random, but hope it helps spark some inspiration!”


“By going for a walk or run without my phone with no distractions, taking in nature. “


“Different forms of exercise structured every week, Our dog Nala jumping up for a cuddle. Anything involving family.”


“It’s a struggle sometimes! But a few seconds with my kids helps me to switch off and put everything into perspective.”


“When the weather is permitting I like to sit in the local bird reserve and read a book.”


“I read a book a while ago called ‘Walk With Your Wolf’ by Jonathan Hoban that talks about how walking can give you both physical and mental space. I found the methodology hugely beneficial and as a result walking has become my favourite way to switch off and enjoy nature at the same time.”


“To switch off from work and stress I have to get myself out the house and go on a run and blast a great playlist. Or go on a walk and listen to a podcast. You also can’t go wrong with a bubble bath and a glass..or two of red wine.”


“Exercising – going to the gym, running with my best friend and going for a Sunday hike in my local woodland. Swimming is a great way to relax. Listening to podcasts – I love ones that make me laugh, so anything that tickles your funny bone is a winner. Listening to meditation music – I do this on the train to help me relax after a long day at work. I sometimes listen to this when my brain is still busy at bedtime. Spending time with loved ones – talking to my family or friends is a great way to unwind.”

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