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This month, we’re considering the role that health and wellbeing could play in your organisation.

Whether your aim is to advance the careers, hobbies, family or social lives of your members, every organisation can benefit by embracing the health and bonding benefits of collective sport and exercise. Here are some simple and easy ways that membership organisations can take to engage with their members and boost physical activity and happiness.

It’s better together

A fantastic reason to encourage fitness and sport in your organisation is that those who exercise in company are more likely to stick at it. When individuals exercise with their peers, this can boost team building and motivation, building healthier habits, and creating an environment of positive encouragement.

Community building

When your members take to the sports field together, this helps foster a social atmosphere in your organisation while creating a positive environment for health and fitness. Group activities will therefore not only help individuals feel more connected to your organisation, but their fellow members too.

Productivity, happiness and success

Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs reduce healthcare costs and decrease sickness days. If you are professional association, for example, then encouraging health and fitness will help your members in their careers, meaning they feel better rested, are less likely to get ill, and enjoy a more invigorating work-life balance.

By bringing your members together through the medium of sport and exercise, you can help them get more out of life. To boost member engagement, fitness and comradeship at the same time, why not look into setting up a sporting club or fitness initiative in your organisation?

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