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Get involved in Bike Week and cycle to work this June

Delivered by Cycling UK, Bike Week is an annual celebration to showcase cycling. Riding a bike can easily be a part of everyday life and Bike Week is here to inspire people all over the UK to give cycling a try from the 8th to 16th June.

Bike Week encourages a quarter of a million people to join in events, rethink their everyday journeys and switch to cycling as the most convenient way to get around.

Why cycling is the solution?

Cycling is incredible; it helps improve so many aspects of our lives. It can greatly improve our physical and mental health as cycling is excellent exercise. It reduces the risk of cancer, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, boosts immunity, is good for your waistline, fights the ageing process, and helps improve mental health.

Environmentally, it helps address problems like air quality and pollution.  At present, every year in the UK, outdoor pollution is linked to around 40,000 deaths. By cycling, you are helping to reduce the harmful and deadly emissions, effectively saving lives and making the world a healthier place to live.

Economically, investing in cycling schemes has an excellent benefit-to-cost ratio meaning it saves more money than it costs.  On average cycling to work could only cost you £1 per week per household vs the average commute cost of £51.30 per head!

Summertime is a fantastic time of year to rediscover cycling and the many benefits it brings. It helps people meet recommended physical activity guidelines, improves well-being, and reduces the risk of premature death and ill-health. It can also fit into daily routines better than many other forms of exercise, because it doubles up as transport.

Want to get involved?

Visit to find out more information on how to get involved, and how to promote it.


This article was written by our partner, Incorpore

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