A simple 1 2 3 4 and you’re ready for school

1 chance
2 have
3 top tips
4 back to school


Social Life

Since the pandemic, everyone has missed out on socialising, making new friends, and attending extra-curricular activities. So, no need to stress, by hanging out in communal areas, taking up a new sport or joining a society, you will be introduced to opportunities to take onboard these 3 top tips. Be confident Be friendly Be positive.



Coming back from the summer holidays into school, college or even university can be difficult. To bounce back from that summer slump a tip for you is to set goals. These goals can be set for the end of the year or term even month, to have something to work towards. With a ‘to do’ list you can physically see assignments getting completed and feel a sense of achievement and a push to move on to the next.



Keeping on top of schoolwork can be hard, especially when it’s a change from days of doing absolutely nothing. A top tip is to keep on top of your work, structure is key, either a to do list or planner to keep assignments going in on time. Organisation can make it a smoother transition into the new school year. Also, before heading into the new academic year you can prepare with new study materials and a clean studying space before the rush begins.

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