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7 tips for solo travel

Whether you are ticking something off your bucket list, wanting to challenge yourself or simply enjoy travelling alone; solo travelling is becoming more appealing than ever when it comes to embarking on your next adventure.

Having had travel bans implemented globally over the last couple of years, it made me reflect on how fortunate we are to have the option to travel the world and now that restrictions have eased, seeking my next adventure is very tempting! So here are 7 reasons I am thinking of taking up a new challenge and planning my next solo trip:

1. Great way to make friends

Travelling on my own seems quite daunting, especially being my first time doing so. However, the opportunity to make new friends whilst travelling would be a great way to boost my confidence and also give me a chance to meet some travel buddies if I feel like I would like some company on the way. Prior to booking a holiday, there are a variety of hostels to choose from, where you can select to stay in a shared dorm or a single room. Speaking with my sister who did a long haul solo trip she advised that choosing to stay in shared dorms can be a great way to meet other people who are also traveling alone or with friends. She also informed me that some hostels host events and excursions which can bring travellers together.

2. Travel on your own terms

When travelling with others, being considerate of what everyone wants to do whilst on your trip is important to fulfil everyone’s needs. However, by traveling alone it means that the only person I need to think about is me! It would give me the flexibility to do what I want, when I want to do it, without feeling like I need to think about doing what everyone else wants to do in the space of time that you have (which can sometimes be short).

3. Step out of your comfort zone

I always think it is good to challenge yourself from time to time and step out of your comfort zone. The pandemic was a time that made us sit back and think about the things that we really want. So, what better time to travel, now that the world is opening back up. It can be overwhelming to think about going at it alone but with access to many blogs and travel influencers such as @hey_ciara and @explorewithlora on Instagram and, there is plenty of advice and tips from first hand solo travellers.

4. Time of reflection

Taking time to think about what I want for myself and discovering myself is something often neglected because of getting carried away with the rush and responsibilities of everyday life. Taking a trip on my own would offer me that quality time that we all need every once in a while to reflect. Whether that will be taking an excursion, journaling whilst I am away or just generally spending time with myself and discovering things I like or rediscovering the hobbies I enjoy - these can be great steps into self-development.

5. Sense of achievement

Travelling alone is something that not everyone can do. It takes courage to decide to travel alone and take that leap. When speaking to friends who have travelled alone, they have expressed that making the decision to take on the challenge and pack up to travel alone to the places you have longed to visit can give you a great confidence boost and a feeling of achievement. It is your responsibility to book your tickets, plan an itinerary and get yourself from A to B, so what a great accomplishment knowing that this is something you have achieved and can achieve again.

6. A chance to relax

Life comes with its highs and lows, so looking after our wellbeing is important in making sure that we make time for ourselves to de-stress and relax. Any break offers time to relax, especially whilst doing this alone, as your daily activities are on your terms. So, when you want a chilled day with your own thoughts you can do so. Relaxing and de-stressing is extremely beneficial for overall mental and physical health which can then lead to improving and managing your everyday life.

7. A way to grow

Travelling alone means you will need to make your own decisions, speak to new people, take on adventures alone and face new languages you don’t know. Things that seem very scary to me, but although they may seem scary, they are actually an excellent way of becoming a more confident, social, adventurous and assertive person. When my sister came back from travelling around Australia and Asia, I noticed a massive positive change in herself. She became more decisive, happy and confident. Attributes that can be carried into your everyday life, improving growth and self-awareness.

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