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We know how important your members’ needs are to you. We will work with you to curate a selection of benefits from our full portfolio that will best meet the needs of your members and also align with your organisation’s values. Here is what your members can expect from a platform that we provide to them:
Memberwise 2024


Retail discount cards (supermarkets, fashion and technology retailers), computers, laptops, wearable technology, white goods, suits, mobile phones and books are just a few areas where we are able to save members money on their daily, weekly or yearly spends.


Whether your members are looking to treat themselves with a family day out or a trip to the cinema. or they are looking to save on life’s essentials such as home, car insurance, mobile phone tariffs or their weekly shop we have a range of partners that will support every member’s lifestyle.


From UK breaks to package holidays, ski-trips, or weekend breaks – we have a range of partners to save your members money. We also have a suite of holiday extras to continue your members saving, including; airport parking, foreign currency, car hire and much more.

Health and Wellbeing

We know that the health and wellbeing of your members is of the utmost importance to you. We can offer your members gym discounts, eye care offers, discounts on health tests, spa deals, golf discounts and free legal advice. You can also choose whether to open up our Health and Wellbeing Hub to your members, which includes a range of articles, blogs, podcasts and videos for members on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and boost their wellbeing.


Sustainability and the green agenda is at the forefront of organisations and member’s minds. We have worked with partners to find a range of sustainable/ green options for members to help to save them money as well as helping the environment.

Member Benefits

Our member benefit schemes are fully customised to our client’s needs, so you can pick the benefits you want to include from our benefits menu.
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Member Services

Do you need help with print and mailing services? Or do you feel it would be worthwhile to explore alternative ways of fulfilling them?
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News and Insights

Read and share Parliament Hill insights and news on the tips, trends, and key developments we’ve identified for benefit management and member satisfaction.
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Our Clients

We work with over 90 UK-based membership associations. Why is it that so many prestigious organisations choose to work with Parliament Hill?
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